Where will the Herndon Festival be in 2020?
200 Spring Street, Herndon, VA 20170
Northwest Federal Credit Union has agreed to continue the memorandum of understanding and will host the Herndon Festival on their campus May 28-31, 2020.

Why did the festival move?
In 2017, the Town entered into an agreement with Comstock Corporation to redevelop several parcels in the core of the downtown. The timeline for the project anticipated the site being under construction for the 2019 event and the festival requires a year or more of advance planning. The Town chose to move forward with a definite location for the 2019 festival and beyond.  

Where do we park/Is there still a shuttle bus?
The free shuttle service will continue to pick up from Peraton off Worldgate Drive and Herndon High School. We understand the shuttle bus can accommodate families with strollers. We strongly encourage attendees to ride the shuttle bus, use our free bike valet, or walk to the Festival. The festival site is just steps from the W&OD trail at the interchange with Herndon Parkway. Our Reston guests might take Wiehle Avenue to Dranesville Road and ride from Herndon HS. Public parking in the area is very limited. Efforts to coordinate parking with neighboring office parks proved unsuccessful. Many are secure sites that wish to maintain their lots for privacy and security. We hope that changes in 2020 in such a way that we can offer limited public parking.

Why don’t you keep some elements in the downtown and move some to the new site?

Several reasons. While large sections of the downtown are under construction, we anticipate the area will not be conducive to a multi-day event. More importantly, the Town does not have the resources to divide its planning, logistical, and security staff between two separate venues. The Festival committee feels it is in the best interest of the attendees to maintain the event at one location.

Will there be fireworks? 
Unfortunately, there will not be fireworks at the new venue. There is no firing site within viewing distance of the festival that meets the safety requirements.

When is the Herndon Festival coming back to the downtown/Will the Herndon Festival come back to the downtown?

Once the redevelopment project is complete, town staff will assess what new events or activities will be appropriate and attractive to the community. The Herndon Festival, as we know it today, likely will not return to the downtown area, due to the loss of the open space to host the carnival and considerable number of vendor, sponsor and volunteer booths required.

What are the dates for next year?
The festival will start on the Thursday following Memorial Day. May 28-31, 2020

Are there any financial impacts on the town to move the event?
The festival is budgeted as a break-even event. The Department of Parks and Recreation is charged with developing an expense and revenue plan that offset each other. That said, adapting to a new venue will create new logistical challenges, and weather or other factors can potentially impact any outdoor event. The festival has a long history of meeting or exceeding its revenue projections.

Will parents still have convenient access for drop-off and pick-up of their children to/from the Chesterbrook Academy located on the Northwest Federal campus?
Yes, the staff recognizes the importance of maintaining the safety and ease of access to the academy and will work with Chesterbrook staff to address any concerns.

Can we have the HERNDON FESTIVAL without the carnival/Why is the carnival considered an integral element to the HERNDON FESTIVAL?

The Herndon Festival was created as a financially self-supporting event. It is budgeted to offset its expenses and has successfully done so 35 of its 38 years. In fact, during its lifetime, the festival has returned surplus revenue of $488,000 to the town’s general fund. The revenue derived from the carnival accounts for 45% of the festival proceeds. Without a carnival, the event would have to be curtailed in enough ways that it would not resemble what we now know as the Herndon Festival. Therefore, the committee prefers to maintain the full range of festival activities by keeping the carnival as an integral element.

Will it still be free?
Contingent on Town Council adoption of the festival’s budget, the event will continue to be free and open to the public. As it is currently, some activities, such as the carnival, will require tickets.

Will the HERNDON FESTIVAL still be a family friendly event?
Always. The festival will offer opportunities for many age groups specifically (Hands-on Art) and for families and groups of all ages (5K/10K races).

Will the civic groups still be involved?
We couldn’t do it without them! Yes, there will still be volunteer opportunities for civic and community groups to participate in the festival and host a booth if they so desire.

What type of security can we expect at the new site?
Similar to what you have seen in recent years, the Herndon Festival will take obvious and not so obvious measures to maintain crowd control and security to the best of our ability throughout the event. The festival rules will apply. Herndon Police officers will be present and may pair with members of the Sheriff’s Department or State Police officers pending their availability. Bag checks will be conducted at the entrance gates. Behind the scenes, training and preparation by all staff and specific volunteers will continue to occur.

What will be the same/what will be different about the HERNDON FESTIVAL at the new site?
Great question. The Herndon Festival will undoubtedly be different at the new site. It will not have the charm of the downtown buildings as its backdrop or the wide open grassy spaces for concert seating. It does offer shade trees and a few grassy spots for picnic tables and relaxation. 

Will there still be beer for sale?
Civic groups will continue to sell beer and/or wine.

Will pets be allowed?
Only service animals are allowed in the festival area.  

Will the 10K/5K races still occur? Where?
The races will still occur on Sunday morning of the festival, starting and ending at the Herndon Community Center.

Will the name of the event change?
There is no plan to change the name of the Herndon Festival.

How can I learn more about the Herndon Festival?
Check back here and follow the Herndon Festival on Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram

 If you have any questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 703-787-7300.

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