1.  No alcoholic beverages may be carried into the Festival area.

  1. No glass containers, bottles, cans, coolers, kegs, and/or any containers other than plastic or paper cups may be carried into the Festival area.
  1. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or any other form of transportation are not allowed in the Festival area.  The use of a wheelchair or other mobility device to facilitate transportation because of a physical impairment is allowed.
  1. All animals and pets, except service animals, are prohibited from the Festival area.
  1. Shirts and footwear are required in the Festival area.
  1. Toy weapons or weapon replicas are prohibited in the festival area. The use of squirt guns and/or the spraying of any products, the throwing of balls, Frisbees, or other objects is not permitted in the Festival area.
  1. Audio or video recording of the entertainment at any stage is not permitted without express written permission from the Festival or the performer.
  1. All packages, bags, containers, purses, backpacks or other hand carried items brought into the Festival area are subject to inspection for prohibited items.
  1. Please do not smoke on festival grounds. Underage smoking is not permitted.

 Festival Announcements and Inclement Weather:

While most events and activities are held rain or shine, in the rare event of severe weather, the Festival may close temporarily and then re-open. Umbrellas, ponchos, etc. are good to have on hand. Should it be necessary, announcements will be made from each of the Festival stages regarding emergency procedures.

To check the status of Festival events, call 703-435-6866.

Concert Viewing:

Festival attendees are welcome to bring a blanket or lawn chair to enjoy the performances at any of our stage areas.

First Aid Services:

First aid services are located on the W&OD Trail and are donated by the Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co., Inc. with assistance from other Fairfax County Volunteer Fire Departments.

Thank you and have a great time at the Festival!