Bluffett & The Son of a Sailor Band

HMC Stage


Larry Pearson, a dedicated fan of Jimmy Buffett, was so infatuated with his music that he became a musician. He eventually found a dedicated troupe of musicians, also in awe of Buffett, that they formed their own band. BLUFFETT, featuring Larry Pearson & The Son of A Sailor Band, has created the most incredible tribute band. BLUFFETT has played MANY Theaters, Festivals, Corporate and Special Events since that formation and has toured and played consistently for the past 15 years, due to their tremendous demand! BLUFFETT takes on the atmosphere of a genuine Buffett concert...right down to the audience participation and enjoyment and energy that goes with it! It will be hard to believe your eyes and ears once the show has started due to the uncanny re-creation by this awesome group of performers! Break out the hawaiian shirts, the beach sandals and start steaming the clams and join BLUFFETT Thursday night at the HMC Stage!

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