Strung Like a Horse

Depot Stage


Here is the story of Strung Like A Horse. Clay Maselle horse-kicked his way into a world in which he knew he would never belong. In time, he discovered he was not alone. There were other hillbilly misfits living undercover all around him. A born leader, he got the four of them together and they became an inseparable unit.  Seeing as how they weren’t employable they turned to the only thing all of them were actually good at…PICKIN’!

Several years and many thousands of miles later the Strung Like a Horse outfit, now a well-oiled machine, gallops into town. Don’t miss their signature gypsy grass sound and fiery hot high-energy stage show. These junkyard dogs bring “Honest, playful, headbangingly interactive fun” to any venue their rocket crashes. Make sure to check out Strung Like a Horse on the Depot Stage Thursday, June 1st at 7:30PM. 

Learn more about Strung Like a Horse here


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